Dr Alex Tsekenis is a Chartered Engineer who is  passionate about making disruptive technology happen. Alex fuses project management and systems thinking with multidisciplinary technologies to create innovative products that sense and image our world. He possesses a unique ability to traverse the layers from high-level corporate strategy down to individual product components without losing focus.

Alex has worked with startups up to Fortune-10 companies to deliver a competitive advantage through innovation. He specialises in the challenging ‘Fuzzy Front End’ spanning the late stages of applied R&D through to the early stages of formal industrial product design.

Alex has worked across academia and industry including Royal Dutch Shell, Rolls-Royce plc and Intel Corporation. He invented a way to radically improve synthetic, laser-based imaging systems and the instrumentation systems he designed enabled the formulation of novel fuel blends and the regulation of aviation engine emissions.

As a PMI-certified project manager, Alex has managed multi-million pound projects to translate early-stage technologies into commercial products which align with corporate strategy. In his capacity as a consultant, he has advised Scottish and international industry in the adoption of multi-physics sensing technologies to solve challenges surrounding surrogate fuels, gas hydrate detection and onshore oil field gas sensing.

He volunteers for causes that are important to him and firmly believes that:

“The most damaging phrase in the language is: it’s always been done that way” – Grace Hopper