Independent Consultant

Hi! I am Alex and I
can help you create innovative products

New Product

I specialise in applied research, innovation and development
of products and technologies that sense and image our world.

A few things I can help with

Applied Research & Development

Application-driven technological R&D leading to the generation of unique Intellectual Property. Development and engineering of physical and mathematical models to enable technology integration and continuous product optimisation.

Technology Navigation

Identification of potential technical solutions for your application and justified selection of the most balanced solution.
IP landscaping, survey of alternatives. Technology dissemination to non-experts and deciphering for executive business decisions.

Technology Synthesis & Systems Engineering

Combination of multiple technologies into unified solutions.
Capturing and elication of application and user needs with further decomposition into product requirements. Management of complex systems through architecture and interface analysis.

Innovation & Project Management

Technology Readiness Level evaluation followed by 
technology and product development roadmapping.
Business case and benefits management plan support.
Tailored Project Management for risk minimisation.

Product Prototyping

Physical prototype fabrication for collecting and understanding user requirements, communicating concepts and for raising funding. Modern CNC and 3D printing fabrication techniques integrating electronic, mechanical and optical assemblies.

Technology Transfer

Bridging the gap between technologies in the β€˜lab’ and commercial product offerings. Support with Innovation Centre funding and academic collaborations for  startups.
Technology transfer to traditional industrial product design.

I focus where it matters the most

Innovation cannot be inspected into a product;
it must be a strategic objective from the start. 

I exclusively focus on the critical early stages of the product development lifecycle, spanning the late stages of fundamental R&D through to the early stages of product design.

How we can work together

Working with me is easy and transparent. There is no obligation or fee until you place an order.


Initial discussions

We optionally sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement provided by you or a template I can provide. Then we freely engage in a series of discussions to understand your needs and aims of the project. This is where a business case outline is formed.


Project proposal & refinement

Based on our discussions, I prepare a high-level project proposal outlining key project objectives and an estimate of the total cost. We then discuss and refine this proposal as needed.


Formal proposal & delivery

Based on the high-level proposal, I prepare a detailed proposal containing cost, duration, deliverables, resources and contractual terms. I carry out the work in the proposal and invoice you based on the agreed payment schedule and terms.

My latest tweets

But who were our @BP_plc award winners today? πŸ† Huge congratulations to Ai Exploration who were awarded the Technology Award and Optic Earth, who received the TechX Performance Award. Congratulations... we can't wait to see what the future holds for you both! πŸ™Œ #TechX

Hot from the reflow oven: high power flash unit for machine vision application! πŸ‘Œ

Today, 10 companies start their #TechX journey – congratulations to Vita Inclinata Technologies, Resolute Energy Solutions, Sedwell Limited, Hydromea, Mocean Energy, Sentinel Subsea, The Big Swing Company, Print3dWell, Green Mesa, AI Exploration. @BP_UK @kpmguk

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